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The Hoopa Project - Bigfoot Encounters in California (OUT OF STOCK)

This astounding book brings professional investigative abilities and forensic artistry to the field of Bigfoot studies and research. David Paulides, a former police investigator, has applied his skills to questioning Bigfoot witnesses. The results he has achieved in gaining access to witnesses and getting detailed information from them is both remarkable and intriguing. Furthermore, he commissioned police forensic artist Harvey Pratt to meet with witnesses who had Bigfoot sightings and sketch the creatures they saw. These drawings provide insights into the creature’s nature never before realized.

The result of this team’s work is by far one of the most convincing accounts ever written on Bigfoot. The conclusion reached — that this creature, long revered by the Hoopa people, definitely inhabits the forested regions of Humboldt County in Northern California — is so convincing that those people who doubt Bigfoot’s existence will be forced to think again!

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